Effortless Surveys and Reports

SurveyKit captures images and dictations on your device and organises everything into beautiful reports

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Why SurveyKit?

Are you spending more time than necessary doing surveys the hard way? Are you using low tech tools that require you to write everything down and take photos separately? Or are you disappointed with other mobile systems that are either ridiculously pricey or failed to deliver on their promises?

If the answer is 'yes' to any of these questions, then SurveyKit will make your life so much easier:

  • SurveyKit makes your inspections a whole lot quicker. You can upload photos alongside your comments, text and audio notes, so everything is in one place. You no longer have to write things down and sweat to combine photos and notes in your report.
  • Back at the office, it can save you several hours of admin time and tedious labour. No more copying/pasting and formatting. Audio files are transcribed automatically by our speech-to-text engine, you just make your own tweaks and click to unselect the photos you do not want to include in the report. Very simple.
  • Generating a report is a breeze and the result is more consistent and higher quality compared to Word templates and such.

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A Valuable Tool in Your Surveyor Toolbox

SurveyKit saves hours of office-based formatting/reporting time.

One of the most frequent comments we receive from new users is that SurveyKit is very clean and fresh in comparison to other apps they have used.

Our surveyors love the fact that once finished with a survey, by the time they are back in the office the report is already uploaded for them to review and edit.

SurveyKit makes your surveying business run smoothly and effectively. If you wish to provide industry leading, efficient, illustrated survey reports, you should give it a try.


You speak, we type

SurveyKit uses state of the art transcription systems to convert your dictations. Speak into the app and we will insert your findings into your report.


Pictures are in the correct spot

No more hours spent manually inserting your photographs in your report. SurveyKit inserts them all for you in the correct section of the Report instantly.


Neat and tidy

SurveyKit lets you create sharp looking reports with your corporate colours and logo consistently and effortlessly.

Our Pricing Plans

All plans have a 14-day trial and an additional 30-day money back guarantee


£ 749 /year

  • Up to 2 accounts
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£ 1199 /year

  • Up to 10 Accounts
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£ 1799 /year

  • Up to 100 accounts
  • Custom report design
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No Risk for You

SurveyKit is affordable and pays for itself in the first couple of surveys. It is easy to use for anyone including those less tech savvy. You can get started in less than 5 minutes. Download the app, register and you are done. You can start surveying.

SurveyKit is out of beta now and it’s as stable and reliable as it can be, even when generating large reports. However, should you have any issues or questions you can rest assured that you will receive immediate attention from our friendly and helpful technical support. No waiting 30 minutes on the phone or days for a reply to your email. Also, if you suggest a new feature and we think we can do it, then it will get done.