Effortless Schedule of Condition reports

SurveyKit captures images and dictations on your device and organises everything into beautiful reports

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Your Competitive Advantage

Surveyors who use technology in their day-to-day are proven to be faster, more accurate, earn more money and have higher customer satisfaction.

With SurveyKit you can directly type or dictate descriptions and conditions of property items and insert corresponding high-quality photographs while on-site using your smartphone. Back at the office, access all your data from SurveyKit’s desktop web portal to finalize your Schedule of Condition before delivering a professional-looking report that your clients will love and your competitors will want!

Watch this short video demo below to get an idea.

Watch this short demo


You speak, we type

SurveyKit uses state of the art transcription systems to convert your dictations. Speak into the app and we will insert your findings into your report.


Pictures are in the correct spot

No more hours spent manually inserting your photographs in your Schedule of Condition. SurveyKit inserts them all for you in the correct section of the Report instantly.


Neat and tidy

SurveyKit lets you create sharp looking reports with your corporate colours and logo consistently and effortlessly.

Try for yourself

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